Installation Instructions for Toy Steam Engine Bearing Kit

Installing your new oil-free, self-lubricating FlyWheel Shaft plastic bearings.
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Verify that your flywheel shaft is 0.1875 inches (3/16”) in diameter, or very close to this.
Your new plastic bearings will not work with any other size shaft.

Proceed with dis-assembly of your steam engine to allow drilling of the new bearing holes.  Due to the wide range of models in existence, dis-assembly and reassembly instructions are not covered here.  Refer to your original steam engine documentation for dis-assembly and reassembly.

Once the bearing bracket is accessible, enlarge the existing bearing holes by drilling two holes using a 0.234 inch (15/64”) drill.  This is a common size drill bit which may be found at your local hardware store.  Bending the bracket slightly may allow easier drilling access.

CAUTION:  Irreversible damage can result in drilling the holes too large. 
DO NOT use a drill any larger than 15/64”.

Any burrs should be removed from the freshly drilled holes to avoid shaving material off the O.D. of the plastic bearings during insertion.  Only insert one bearing at this time.  Insert the plastic bearing into a hole.  The larger diameter flange of the bearing should be to the outside of the bracket.  Your new plastic bearings are over sized before they are press fit into the flywheel shaft holes. 

Once installed, they will compress to the proper size for the flywheel shaft.  A twisting and turning motion of the bearings may be necessary while pressing the bearings into the holes.  Test fit the flywheel shaft into the bearing.  The shaft should rotate freely in the bearing.  If the shaft is tight, it may be necessary to remove the bearing and ream the hole slightly larger to achieve the best fit. 

Repeat this process for the second plastic bearing.

Proceed with reassembly of your steam engine in the opposite order in which you disassembled it.  Verify that the flywheel shaft rotates freely before connecting the piston rod.  The flywheel shaft should rotate freely in the new bearings. 

It may be necessary to bend the bearing arms slightly so they become parallel with each other.  Once complete, your engine is ready to run!

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