Gottlieb System 80 Pinball Upgrade Kit

If you own a Gottlieb Pinball machine manufactured in the 1980s, there is a good chance that it is from their popular System 80 Electronic Control series. Several design and reliability problems were inherent in this series of machines, which may be preventing you from thoroughly enjoying your machine. This kit is intended to help you get one step closer to having a sound and reliable pinball machine.

The parts included in this kit, and repair areas are listed here.

Power Supply Modifications
680 ohm, 1/2 watt resistor (Replaces R10)
12k ohm, 1/2 watt resistor (Replaces R3)
1N4738A diode 8.2V (Replaces CR7)
Molex Connector headers, housings, and terminals (6 and 7 position)
18 Awg. wire

CPU Board Battery removal and relocation (to prevent corrosion problems)
3AA Battery Holder KIT, with instructions.
(keep those leaky Nicad batteries from damaging your main MPU board, diode included to prevent charging if alkaline batteries are used)

Grounding Repairs
Wire wrap wire (30 gauge, blue)
Molex connector terminals for the A3-J1/A1-J4 connector
10 feet of 18 Awg. wire

Pop Bumper and Pop Bumper Driver Board Updates (enough for 6 boards)
4.7 mfd 10 volt capacitors for C3 and Pins 4/5
47 mfd 10 volt capacitor for C4

Under playfield mounted power transistor - pull-up resistor update.
4.7k ohm 1/4 watt resistor (one for each playfield mounted power transistor – enough for 5).


These fixes apply to the following Gottlieb pinball machines:

Spiderman 1/80 Panthera 5/80 Circus 6/80
Counterforce 8/80 Star Race 10/80 James Bond 10/80
Time Line 11/80 Force II 1/81 Pink Panther 3/81
Mars God of War 4/81 Volcano 7/81 Black Hole 10/81
Haunted House 2/82 Devil's Dare 8/82 Caveman 9/82
Rocky 9/82 Rocky 9/82 Spirit 11/82
Punk 12/82 Striker 1/83 Krull 2/83
Qbert's Quest 3/83 Super Orbit 5/83 Royal Flush Deluxe 6/83
Goin Nuts 1982 Amazon Hunt 9/83 Rack 'Em Up 11/83
Ready Aim Fire 11/83 Jacks to Open 5/84 Alien Star 8/84
The Games 8/84 Touchdown 2/85 El Dorado 3/85
Ice Fever 5/85 Chicago Cubs Triple Play 7/85 Bounty Hunter 9/85
Tag Team 10/85 Rock 1/86 Rock Encore 5/86
Raven 6/86 Hollywood Heat 9/86 Genesis 9/86
Gold Wings 10/86 Monte Carlo 1/87 Spring Break 4/87
Amazon Hunt II 5/87 Arena 6/87 Victory 10/87
Diamond Lady 12/87 TX Sector 2/88 Amazon Hunt III 3/88
Robo-War 4/88 Excalibur 8/88 Bad Girls 10/88
Hot Shots 2/89 Big House 4/89 BoneBusters Inc. 8/89

If you have questions on how to apply these upgrades to your machine, please check out www.marvin3m.com and look for their pinball repair manual “Gottlieb Pinball System 80 Repair “. I am not affiliated with these folks, but I can tell you that they have done a great job of putting together some very nice repair guides.

Special notes: Some knowledge of electronics is necessary for installation of these components. Manufacturers may vary, parts may not be exactly as shown, and Gerber Designs reserves the right to substitute parts from other vendors as needed.

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